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As a writer, Barry's influences are Dean Koontz, Stephen King, Charles Dickens, Edgar Allan Poe and J.K. Rowling.  He received the Freelance Writer of the Year award from his college newspaper, and was runner-up in the Michigan Two-Year College Writing Scholarship Competition.

2008: Xlibris released his first Horror-Suspense novel, The Silence.  The paranormal story involves a mother and her two young children who relocate from Florida to Caseville, Michigan and move into a charming old farmhouse, unaware that their new residence conceals a dark history of haunting, black magic and unexplained deaths.  

Throughout the century, parents who have lived in the farmhouse on Denton Road have all suffered the loss of their sons to a mysterious and untimely death.  As the house sits unoccupied, a demonic entity lays dormant, waiting for another young soul to feed upon.  With the arrival of the Adkins family, the battle between good and evil quickly ensues, and the power of a mother’s love is put to the ultimate test.    

The Silence is 192 pages in length.  While the book is a work of fiction, the story was inspired by actual paranormal incidents witnessed in a farmhouse located in Monroe, Michigan.  The book is available to purchase in eBook, paperback and hardback formats through many online sellers, including:, local bookstores, or on this website.

Barry also has poetry published in Susan Noguera's books of images and writing, Primary Colors in Nature: Renderings of the Natural World and Secondary Colors in Nature.  He is also published in the National Library of Poetry and on

As a musician, Barry was heavily influenced by the The Beatles during his early pre-teen years, and then later by a variety of genres of music including Hard Rock, Folk, Classic Rock and Blues.  He began playing the guitar by the age of 15 and has performed live with several groups, including: Dezire, Slingshot, Slippery Creek, and now currently with Armed -N- Dangerous.  

1995: Armed -N- Dangerous released their debut cassette, Sin Away
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2008: Barry released his debut solo rock CD, Vibe, in which he composed, produced and performed on the majority of the instruments.

His current musical endeavors are:
Beatlebarry: Tribute to the Music of The Beatles!
Armed -N- Dangerous
Solo acoustical shows

Barry resides in Carleton, MI.

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